The PSA Teaching and Learning Network has launched its first ever webinar series on 'Teaching Politics Online: Pedagogy, Support & Community'. This series has been recorded and relevant information and resources can be found here. 

The tumult that came with the rush to get teaching online as the Covid-19 pandemic broke about us was not really one for great reflection. But now that we enter the (slightly) less wild times of a lockdown that might last in whole or part for some considerable time yet, it’s worth thinking about how you are going to cope with, and make the most of, the new learning environment. In this webinar, we’ll be thinking about the general strategies and tactics you might employ to keep it all under control, and talking about how well you’ve been doing so far.

This webinar was delivered live on Thursday 14th May (3-4pm).


  •  To access the google drive documents used during this webinar click here

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