As part of the continuing work of the PSA in improving our services to members we wish to move away from producing hardcopies of our journals to an online access model.

We are encouraging all members to access our journals digitally through our website in the future, they can be access through our Resources page. We are asking you to make these changes for three key reasons; ease of use, the evironment and sustainability. The PSA is celebrating our 70th anniversary and we wish to continue to be at the forefront of learned societies, moving toward a fully digital model and improving the benefits we offer to members. 

To help you make these changes we've created a step-by-step guide for 'How to opt out from hard copy journals'. Watch our quick video or follow the steps below. 

Step one

Please log in to your membership account on the PSA website as shown Figure 1. Below. If you are unable to login, please reset your password or if you are still unable to log in please contact

Figure 1


Step two

Please click on the Edit my account details icon as seen in Figure 2.

Figure 2


Step three

Please then click on Membership Preferences as viewable in Figure 3.

Figure 3


Step four

Please then untick the box next to each journal you are happy to access online. Please only tick the next to the Journal you wish to receive a hard copy of.

Figure 4


Page Contact

If you need further support on this process or a different element of your membership benefits please contact and a member of our team will assist you.