Every voice matters. For London’s democracy to work for everyone, every voice must be heard. The Political Studies Association was proud to support for the 2020 London Voter Registration Week.A coaltion of over 100 organisations came together to support the campaign. The report in now out. 

Headline Registration Statistics

  • During London Voter Registration Week, 27,210 people registered to vote in London, a 14% increase from the week before
  • In contrast, in the same week the number of people who registered to vote across the UK fell 5% from the week before
  • The number of people who registered to vote in London during LVRW 2020 was lower than the equivalent week in 2019 (27% lower). This can probably be attributed to the fact that in 2019 there was talk of an imminent general election. 
  • During LVRW 2020, 5920 young people registered to vote in London. This is a 23% increase from the week before
  • Between 925,000 and 1.2 million Londoners were directly reached by the LVRW 2020 social media and education resources, based on the impact assessments of coalition partners  


Read the full report here. 

Statement from Matteo Bergamini, CEO/Founder Shout Out UK


 "A voter registration drive must have political literacy at its core. Voter registration should be more than just a public service announcement to register, it should shed light on the system and its history. We all engage better with a system we understand.

The LVRW 2020 animations contained information essential to developing political literacy, which translated into a significant boost to London’s voter registration rates: the campaign has shown that democratic participation and Political Literacy must go hand-in-hand.

I created Shout Out UK when I was 22-years old with the aim of ensuring that everyone knows how our political system works, through political literacy, and then engages with that system. LVRW 2020’s success brought us a step closer to that goal. We couldn’t be prouder of our partnership with the GLA.”pub