Political Insight is a must for anyone with an interest in politics. This quartery magazine features accessible expert analysis, cutting edge political science research and authoritative commentary on the latest political developments.

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International both in the issues it covers and in the sources it draws from, Political Insight presents research in politics and international studies an entertaining and engaging way, using colourful graphics and visual displays to guide readers through the key political issues of the day. Since launching in 2010, Political Insight has expanded its circulation and its readership, which now includes journalists, policymakers and opinion formers as well as academics and politics students around the world.

Political Insight regularly includes articles on a wide variety of topics including the rise of populism, politics in the digital age, the changing nature of democracy, environmental politics, party politics across the globe, terrorism, and much more.

Articles range in length from 1,600 to 2,200 words with expert feedback and guidance provided to authors throughout the editorial process. For queries/submissions to Political Insight, please contact the Editor, Peter Geoghegan.



Peter Geoghegan, Editor: editor@politicalinsightmagazine.com  


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