Rebel City is looking for school contacts. We are a collective in the London area with expertise in anarchism for A-Level politics students. We can also arrange extra-curricular talks on Anarchism.

We have been piloting the scheme with a small group of schools in North East London and are now delivering classes annually. With the experience we have gained, we are now in a position to expand our provision. 


Children and young people are surrounded by information and influencers from the mainstream political ideologies: conservatism, socialism, nationalism, and liberalism. We are conscious that A-level teachers struggle to find equally reliable sources of information about anarchism. Our aim is to fill the gap. 


We are familiar with the A-level politics syllabus on Anarchism and are happy to augment this or conduct more free ranging interactive sessions (we run two other sessions: “An introduction to Anarchism” and “Anarchism and Religion”).


We are also happy to talk informally to pre-A level students, in school assemblies or general studies classes. If you know anyone who teaches A-level politics, or know any teachers interested in hosting a talk from members of our group please get in touch, or send them our details. We can cover anywhere in the Greater London area.


Contact details: Jane Ferrie


Mobile: 07756-914139

Please note that this is not an initiative organised by the Political Studies Association. If you have any questions or want to find out more, please direct your questions to