The PSA Teaching and Learning Network has launched its first ever webinar series on 'Teaching Politics Online: Pedagogy, Support & Community'. This series has been recorded and relevant information and resources can be found here.

Over the last two months we've all had to adapt to a new online environment where both students and academics are remote from each other, often stretching the bonds of tutor systems beyond what any of us would like. So, in this new Zoom-fuelled world, where technological confidence is a must, how can we keep listening to students? How do we respond to their needs? Mark Shanahan, HoD for Politics & IR at the University of Reading and a former Director of Teaching and Learning shares his experience on working with staff, reps and the student body to 'keep the conversations going.' (Hint: mass emails don't work!).

This webinar was delivered live on Thursday 21st May (3-4pm).

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