The PSA Teaching and Learning Network has launched its third webinar series 'Teaching Politics and IR Online: Key Issues, Skills and Pedagogy '. This series has been recorded and relevant information and resources can be found here.

"The things we gained during Lockdown - what we won’t miss and what we should incorporate into our teaching in the longer term"

For many of us, 2020 is not necessarily a year we would like to relive! Our entire lives have changed and our teaching has, for many of us, changed enormously. Some elements we won’t be sorry to relegate to history. But what about the things we have learnt and the things that worked well? This lecture (followed by a Q&A) will consider what we might want to keep doing when we return to ‘normal’ service and what changes we might want to make permanent after Covid.

This webinar was delivered live on Tuesday 23rd February,  led by Victoria Honeyman (University of Leeds). 

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