Shaping the Future: Equality and Diversity

The PSA believes that the promotion of equality and diversity should be core values for the practice of politics as well as the study and teaching of politics. Statistics suggest that 31 per cent of political scientists are female, less than 15 per cent of the discipline’s professoriate is female and under 4 per cent have a black or ethnic minority background.

In January 2017 the Executive Committee of the Political Studies Association (PSA) re-emphasised its efforts to thinking creatively and proactively in relation to the equality and diversity agenda by establishing an Equality and Diversity (E&D) Sub-Committee. The Subcommittee will be working across PSA programmes to ensure E&D is considered at every level, and will consider the transition points throughout the educational system to encourage participation by a range of students from various backgrounds and diverse perspectives.

A commitment to Equality and Diversity is central to the PSA's 10-Year Strategic Plan 2017 - 2027. Read the Equality and Diversity Strategy here.

Please find the PSA's Equality and Diversity Equal Opportunities Monitoring form: here.