Specialist Group of the Year

The prestigious title of “Specialist Group of The Year” will be awarded to the group whose activities within their specialism have raised awareness of the study of politics and increased the ‘impact’ of the discipline as a whole during the previous calendar year.  Nominators are asked to provide a one-page statement summarising the achievements of the specialist group in relation to the prize by 1 December 2017. Please send your one-page statement to nominations@psa.ac.uk

The winning group is presented their prize by PSA Chair and the PSA’s Guest Speaker at the Annual Conference Dinner each year.  


Specialist Group Prize Winners

2017: Italian Politics

The judges felt that this specialist group have been massively punching above their weight in their activities, organising international conferences and publications (including some high profile speakers); engaging strongly with PSA activities; and organising activities with other specialist groups (in this case a joint conference in Turin, with Anti-Politics).  They are also committed to promoting PSA values within their group, and engage in an ambassadorial role within the PSA.  For a small group in a ‘niche’ area, they are doing a fantastic job.


2016: Environmental Politics

This year’s winning submission has achieved considerable success in extending the reach and significance of our discipline. Such endeavours are to be applauded given the growing emphasis by, and expectation of, government and other funders on 'impact', 'relevance' and 'engagement', particularly with users and practitioners in industry, schools, and the public sector broadly. In that respect, our Specialist Group of the Year 2015 winners have excelled. Through an active website and blog, the online reach of this SG has been particularly impressive, serving as the ‘go to’ place for information, not just for academics but a diverse array of other users in the wider community. The extensive list of panels, workshops and events with which this SG was involved is impressive, including the PSA’s sponsored panel at the 2015 APSA annual meeting. Similarly, via its Teachers Guide to Environmental Politics, the SG has helped fulfil the promotion of the ‘educational pipeline’ which is a key aim of the Association. Its active role in summer school activities has also helped in engaging high achieving students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the study of politics at the University of Edinburgh. Therefore, the Environmental Politics Specialist Group has been declared the winner of this year's ‘Specialist Group of the Year Award'. 


2015: Elections, Public Opinion & Parties (EPOP)

EPOP brings together people interested in the study of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties. It has more than 100 members, including media commentators, leading opinion pollsters and national party officials as well as academics.


2014: Women and Politics

The Women and Politics Specialist Group provides a focus for PSA members – both women and men - whose research is concerned with women or gender; and is also a resource for women in the PSA. The group has a commitment to encourage the presence and visibility of women in the PSA and the discipline, while combating sexism. 


Daniele Albertazzi and Arianna Giovannini collecting their Specialist Group of the Year Award for the Italian Politics Specialist Group from PSA Chair, Matt Flinders.