Political economy has taken on a renewed importance within British political science since the 2008 financial crisis. The British and Comparative Political Economy Specialist Group (PSA BCPE) aims to bring together a network of political economists conducting research into the political economy of Britain, or comparative political economy encompassing the study of Britain in an international context. Political economy is defined in broad terms, as a form of analysis which recognises that the political and economic dimensions of social life are comprehensively intertwined, and that neither can be satisfactorily understood without the other.

The Specialist Group organises panels at the PSA annual conference, and regular workshops that reflect our research interests. It prioritises the provision of a national dissemination platform for early career researchers and doctoral students, and, as such, seek ideas for panel and workshop topics from younger members in the first instance. It is currently convened by Craig Berry, Jeremy Green, Scott James, Sean McDaniel, Scott Lavery, Inga Rademacher, and James Wood. The group's deputy convenors are Kate Alexander Shaw, Valentia Ausserladscheider, Matthew Eagleton-Pierce, and Nick O'Donovan.


Objectives of the Group

  1. To promote and advance the study of British and comparative political economy on a national and international basis.
  2. To facilitate discussion on the nature and future of political economy as a form of analysis.
  3. To boost dialogue between existing networks of political economists whose scholarship focuses on Britain, or comparative analysis involving Britain.
  4. To foster and encourage collaborative research on British and comparative political economy.
  5. To provide a national platform for the work of early career researchers and doctoral students specialising in British and comparative political economy.


Upcoming events

  • PSA BCPE hosts regular online seminars, featuring eastablished scholars and ECRs. The next series of seminars will launch in late 2022 and continue through 2023. See our twitter feed for more information (@PSAPolEc).
  • PSA BCPE will organise a series of panels at the PSA annual conference in Liverpool in April 2023.
  • PSA BCPE's annual workshop will be held in late 2023.


2022-23 BCPE seminar series

We have a number of seminars planned with leading scholars beginning in late 2022 and extending through 2023. The current agenda is:


  • 30th Nov 2022 @ 1pm - David Hope (King's College London) on 'The Transition to the Knowledge Economy as Skill-Biased Institutional Change'. Sign up here
  • 13th Dec 2022 @ 2pm - Lee Jones (QMUL) on 'Why the West Can't Compete with China on Global Infrastructure' Sign up here


2023 - dates/times TBA

  • Sean McDaniel (MMU) - book launch - 'Divided They Fell: Crisis and the Collapse of Europe's Centre-Left'
  • Mariana Mazzucato & Rosie Collington (UCL) on 'The Big Con: How the Consulting Industry Weakens Our Businesses, Infantilizes Our Governments and Warps Our Economies'
  • Oddný Helgadóttir (Copenhagen Business School)






    Contact Us

    Craig Berry

    Role: Convenor
    Institution: University College London

    Jeremy Green

    Role: Convenor & Secretary
    Institution: University of Cambridge

    James Wood

    Role: Convenor
    Institution: University of Cambridge

    Inga Rademacher

    Role: Convenor
    Institution: King's College London

    Scott Lavery

    Role: Convenor
    Institution: University of Sheffield

    Scott James

    Role: Convenor
    Institution: KIng's College London

    Sean McDaniel

    Role: Convenor & Treasurer
    Institution: Manchester Metropolitan University 

    Kate Alexander Shaw

    Role: Deputy Convenor
    Institution: LSE

    Matthew Eagleton-Pierce

    Role: Deputy Convenor
    Institution: SOAS

    Valentina Ausserladsscheider

    Role: Deputy Convenor
    Institution: University of Vienna

    Nick O'Donovan

    Role: Deputy Convenor
    Institution: MMU 

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