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Caribbean Politics welcomes and provides a focus for researchers, teachers and students of any political aspect concerning the Caribbean and its diasporas. This includes, but is not limited to, political history, political economy, political geography, political development and political science. We increase political knowledge about the Caribbean by actively collaborating with the academic, business, research and policy communities. As a result, we have established links and research expertise with experts around the world. We regularly organise very popular seminars, workshops and conferences concerning the historical and contemporary debates relevant to the Caribbean and its diasporas. Please see details about our previous events here

Like the Caribbean, our membership is diverse, from all backgrounds, ages, genders and professions. Caribbean Politics is also able to recommend people and institutions that can best advise you on most aspects about the Caribbean and its diasporas.

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Karen Hunte

Role: Convenor
Institution: School of Advanced Study, University of London


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