Welcome to the PSA Conservatism Studies Group (CSG). 

We study conservatism.

The group aims to encourage the creation and dissemination of high quality research in the study of conservatism, conservatives and centre-right politics, e.g. conservative politics, parties, leaders, ideologies, media and organisations.

We are a specialist group at the Political Studies Association (PSA), an international scholarly society in the United Kingdom.

The group aims to create a sense of identity and common purpose among those interested in a part of the political spectrum that has attracted far less scholarly interest than its obvious electoral and philosophical importance merits.

The group aims to take a supportive approach in order to encourage engagement with conservatism studies across the many levels of academic development. We aim to promote pluralism, balance, diversity and equality.


If you would like to join the group and be added to our mailing list, please contact the convenors.

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The PSA’s network of 60 Specialist Groups offers a research focus for all members and covers a vast range of specialities within the discipline. SGs provide an opportunity for groups of academics who share a common interest in a particular area of the discipline to organise meetings, coordinate communications, and as outlets for research – as well as giving PSA members opportunities for developing their academic impact and professional development.”


Convenors can view the SG Handbook here.


If you would like to learn more or have any questions, do get in touch via or with Arianna Giovannini (, the Specialist Groups Trustee

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Dr David Jeffery

University of Liverpool

Dr Antony Mullen

Director, Thatcher Network

Dr Marija Taflaga

Australian National University

Dr Christopher Fear

Events and Communications
University of Hull

Dr Sam Blaxland

Research and Impact
University of Hull

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