The Global Development Politics Specialist Group provides a platform for researchers and teachers of development politics in the UK. Our work concentrates on the politics of development. We understand politics broadly as 'exercise and use of social power'. Development we conceptualise as the 'immanent processes and intentional projects of social and economic change'. Our members consider development across a wide array of sectors, including - but not limited to- financial instruments of economic growth, infrastructure, investments in health and education, rural and urban development, welfare and employment, wealth-creation, poverty and inequality, and changing ideas of human personhood, dignified lives and possibilities for the future. Although a large number of our members focus their research on 'developing' regions in southern Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, rapid changes in the global political economy have compelled our members to consider the afore-mentioned questions in the context of 'developed' countries as well. Profound changes such as the emergence of the BRICS, growing inequalities within countries rather than between them, and sustained interrogations of liberalism in the industrialised capitalist democracies of the North Atlantic have made this an exciting time to study, teach and research development politics. Membership is not restricted to the UK, but in fact includes colleagues from most of the world. 

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Indrajit Roy

University of York

Portia Roelofs

University of Oxford

Yue Zhou Lin 

University of Bristol 

Fredrick Ajwang

King's College London

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18 March 2021