Co-production, co-design and co-authorship


This third session in our Researching Youth Seminar series hosted by the British Educational Research Association (BERA) special interest group for Youth Studies & Informal Education, in collaboration with the British Sociological Association (BSA)’s Youth Study Group and the Political Studies Association (PSA)’s Young People’s Politics Specialist Group.

This session will explore the ways that co-research and co-authorship can enable researchers to work more with young people, rather than on young people.

We welcome members to attend, learn about some examples of co-research and co-authorship, and also to learn from others and share their own experiences of work with young people to the workshop session.

Benjamin Bowman will share his experiences of writing co-authored research and policy briefings with young people on his work on young people’s experiences of climate change. Benjamin shares methods for co-authorship, the experiences of co-authorship, and the unexpected opportunities to support young people that can arise through co-authorship. He also reflects on the challenges to co-authorship, not least the difficult relationship between young people who lead busy lives often under great pressure, and the relatively slow and cumbersome processes of academic funding, writing and publication.

Grace Spencer and Niamh O’Brien will explore some of the ways to launch and facilitate a Young Person Research Advisory Group. Many funders now expect some kind of ‘user’ perspective in the development of funding applications but the complexities of doing this with young people (and in advance of a grant submission) are currently not well considered. Grace and Niamh will share their experiences of setting up and working with YPAGs (both in the UK and internationally), including the opportunities and challenges of supporting co-production, co-authorship and the meaningful and authentic engagement of young people in research.

Following these short presentations, there will be space for event attendees to share questions, ideas and their own approaches to talking and listening to young people.

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