Contemporary Radical Left Parties and Movements in Europe: Organization, Policies and Ideology

A workshop called by the PSA Labour Movements and Communism Specialist Groups

Call for Papers

The European party political landscape has been transformed in recent decades by the rise of ‘radical left parties’ whose best known exemplars include Die Linke (Germany), Left Bloc (Portugal), Podemos (Spain) and Syriza (Greece). Several publications have mapped out the origins, policies and electoral performance of these parties (e.g. March 2011; March and Keith 2016; Charalambous and Ioannou 2019) and discussed their links to, and affinities with other types of social and political groups (e.g. Tsakatika and Lisi 2013). At the same time, the past decade has witnessed the production of a large body of work on anti-systemic or radical European movements, primarily but not exclusively in the context of studying protest and social mobilisation during the crisis (e.g. Gerbaudo 2017; Giugni and Grasso 2015; Fominaya and Cox 2013; Wennerhag, Fröhlich and Piotrowski 2019) .

This is a Call for Papers (CfP) for a half-day workshop scheduled for London, on 1st November 2019, a year which sees the European radical left fight national elections in five countries including Greece, Portugal and Spain, and European elections across the continent. The main objectives of the workshop are to assess the challenges and achievements of today's radical left parties and labour, anti-austerity and pro-democracy movement organisations, and reflect on their approaches to socialist strategy or transformative social and political change, through the scrutinisation of their organisational profiles and mobilisation tactics, programmatic positions and ideological or identity considerations.

We welcome papers on any aspect of radical left parties and associated social movements but we are particularly interested in the organization, policies and ideologies of these bodies. Papers will focus on the contemporary European radical left but a historical perspective can be potentially adopted, which adds a medium- or long-term dimension to the analysis. Studies of the interaction and linkage between movements and parties of the radical left, or about the relations of these forces with state-level decision-making, are especially welcome.


Those interested should send a short abstract (150 words max) and author details by 15 September to Giorgos Charalambous and/or John Kelly

Note: A maximum of 10 papers will be accepted.

Authors will be notified about their submission by 25 September 2019.

The keynote speech of the event will be given by Dr Kate Hudson (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament)

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Pratt Mews
NW1 OAD London