Intersectionality, Disability, and Political Representation: Reflections

Intersectionality, Disability, and Political Representation: Reflections - General election special with Dr Stefanie Reher (Strathclyde) and Professor Elizabeth Evans (Southampton)

Join us for this event, hosted by the Political Studies Association's Race, Migration, and Intersectionality Specialist Group, as we reflect on disability and political representation from an intersectional view. Hear coauthors of Disability and Political Representation (2024, OUP), Elizabeth Evans and Stefanie Reher reflect on these pressing themes in the context of the first weeks after the 2024 UK General Election #GE2024!

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Dr Stefanie Reher

Stefanie is a Reader (Associate Professor) in the Department of Government & Public Policy at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Before moving to Scotland, Stefanie was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence and a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Copenhagen. She received her DPhil from the University of Oxford (Nuffield College).

Stefanie's research interests are at the intersection of comparative politics and political behaviour. Her work centres around three main themes:

1) Access to politics and political representation of disabled people

2) Representation and citizens' perceptions of political institutions and processes

3) Policy representation in Europe and the influence of interest groups


Professor Elizabeth Evans

Elizabeth Evans is a Professor at the University of Southampton. Elizabeth's work explores the relationships between social movements, political parties and political representation. Her work has received funding from ESRC, British Academy, Government Equalities Office, and the ISRF. She won the 2022 Political Studies Association Joni Lovenduski Prize. She's the author of three books, and co-edited Confronting Privileges: Intersectionality in Feminist and Queer Movements with Eléonore Lépinard (2020). Her latest book, Disability and Political Representation with Stefanie Reher, is published by Oxford University Press (2024). She's published over 30 articles in a wide range of international peer reviewed journals. Elizabeth is a co-founding Editor of the European Journal of Politics and Gender, she was Editor in Chief of Politics, former convenor of the ECPR's group on Politics and Gender, ECPG, and the PSA's Women and Politics Group.


PSA Race, Migration, and Intersectionality Specialist Group

The PSA Race, Migration and Intersectionality (RMI) specialist group aims to create a much-needed space for PSA members and our networks to share, promote and discuss research related to race, racism, ethnicity, ethnic minority political participation and representation, but also issues of identity, im/migration, and belonging. The group places a strong emphasis on intersectionality, foregrounding the interactions and overlaps amongst racism and racialised borders, capitalism and class dynamics, heteropatriarchy, and ableism.

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