Placemaking, exploring spaces and places with young people


The fourth session in our Researching Youth Seminar series hosted by the British Educational Research Association (BERA) special interest group for Youth Studies & Informal Education, in collaboration with the British Sociological Association (BSA)’s Youth Study Group and the Political Studies Association (PSA)’s Young People’s Politics Specialist Group.

The Placemaking session in our Researching Youth Seminar series will explore the impact and affect of space and place on research with young people. Our three papers will explore how young people navigate space, create belonging and connection to place, whilst showcasing the spatial methods that researchers utilise to capture placemaking amongst young people.

Julianne Viola will share her experiences of using participant-led walking interviews. Drawing on empirical research with Imperial College students, the paper will explore participant’s narratives of and stories of place and the meaning they attribute to them.

Rachel Benchekroun and Pippa Curtin’s paper highlights the challenges and opportunities experienced by young people growing up in coastal towns. The paper will focus on the lessons learned about participatory research with young people, including the importance of taking time to build trusting relationships, and the importance of identifying structural barriers to participation and responding sensitively to individual needs. These strategies enable young researchers to participate in ways which they find meaningful and which also produce data to address key research questions.

Hannah King and Eveleigh Buck-Matthews focus on their experiences of undertaking research with young people at music festivals, nuancing the field site, and exploring its opportunities and issues. They also explore of the temporal nature of method collection in liminal spaces.

Between each of the short presentations (15 mins), there will be a chance for attendee’s to ask questions in the Q&A and discuss the papers together.

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