Academic Conference


Online workshop hosted by SPERI and the PSA British & Comparative Political Economy Group



This online workshop will explore patterns of change and continuity in economic ideas, policies and practices in the UK and beyond. The global financial crisis, austerity and Brexit, the climate emergency, and the Covid-19 pandemic pose fundamental challenges to prevailing economic thinking and have generated a range of novel policy responses over recent years – from quantitative easing to the furlough scheme. This raises questions of critical importance to political economy: To what extent have established economic ideas and narratives been challenged and revised? How have economic policy makers responded to successive crises and emergent issues? Has the economics profession kept pace with these developments? What are the long-term implications of the Covid-19 pandemic for the economy? Has ‘neoliberalism’ been strengthened or undermined – and is it still a useful conceptual tool? The workshop aims to address these and related questions by exploring the past, present and future of economic policy.


The workshop is organised by Scott James, Reader in Political Economy at King’s College London and a visiting researcher at SPERI until December 2021. For further details about the event, please contact