PSA Environmental Politics' Annual Workshop - Call for Submissions

Conflict, Crisis and the Politics of Energy (In)security (Online)

About this event

The Covid-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have seen energy costs soar for millions and a renewed concern about energy security. At this workshop we will critically examine the political and policy implications of these developments.

  • What is the relationship between geopolitical conflict and uncertainty, and energy (in)security?
  • Might the ensuing chaos inspire countries to reconsider their energy supplies and double down on developing more secure and socio-ecologically resilient sources?
  • Or, will the current crisis hamper the transition to low carbon energy sources?
  • What might energy secure futures look like?
  • How will high energy costs impact politics within nation-states?
  • How do we avoid replicating ‘green colonialism’, and ensure just and equitable transitions in the global race to net zero?


Call for Submissions

Themes/topics can include but need not be limited to:

  • Theorising relations between conflict and energy (in)security
  • National responses to energy crises (policies, governance)
  • Green colonialism, sacrifice zones and just sustainability transitions 
  • Iterations of the Green New Deal
  • Energy and (critical) global political economy
  • Renewable energy politics: COP26 & beyond 
  • Activism and resistance against fossil capitalism

We ask for 10 – 15-minute talks/interventions on any of the above or related themes. If interested, please send us a title, brief description of your talk, and a speaker bio to by 12 August 2022.


Join us at our annual workshop to examine the implications of the recent energy crisis for climate change policy.

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