PSA Parliaments Annual Conference: Analysing Representation

2pm, 10 March 2021; online

This is the fifth panel of the PSA Parliaments Online Conference.

This year we are holding our Annual Conference online and our fifth panel is a peach.

Our topic is analysing representation and our speakers are:

  • Nicholas Allen, Gabriele Magni, Donald Searing and Philip Warncke on "Strengthening or weakening governance and representation? The impact of career politicians on British parliamentary democracy";
  • Rebecca McKee on "Who works for MPs? Representation in the House of Commons";
  • Ralph Scott and Lawrence McKay on "'Are you local?' Estimating what types of localness matter most for voters"; and
  • Sardar Aziz on "Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament: stuck in the middle".


This event is free and open to all but please register beforehand.