6 May 2020

The PSA Sport and Politics Specialist Group invites you to an online seminar titled “The implications of COVID-19 on the global politics of sports” on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 5pm-6.30pm London time. Will governments cut their sport budgets and prioritize other sectors? How are sports governing bodies around the world dealing with the crisis – are they suspending or postponing their seasons? Will sports fandom permanently move to the digital sphere? Beyond professional sports, will people move to individual rather than team sports in fear of the virus? We are going to discuss these and other questions with you. We have asked four colleagues working in four different countries to make brief, five minutes introductory statements: Professor Simon Chadwick (Lyon Business School, France), Professor Jonathan Grix (Manchester Metropolitan University, England), Professor Nadim Nassif (Notre Dame University, Lebanon) and Professor Stefan Szymanski (University of Michigan, United States). Afterwards, everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion. Professor Danyel Reiche (Georgetown University Qatar) will serve as moderator of the online seminar.


If you want to participate in the online seminar, please send an Email to Professor Danyel Reiche, dr09@aub.edu.lb, not later than May 19, 2020, 5pm London time. You will receive an email on the day of the seminar with instructions for how to participate in the discussion. We will be using Zoom.