PSA Early Career Network 26 October 2022

The Political Studies Association's Journal Politics and Early Career Network are looking for participants for a Roundtable at the PSA Annual International Conference 2023 in Liverpool, discussing Politics' new thematic call for papers on the history and genealogy of the category of "The Global South". 


The category of the Global South has emerged as a widely accepted part of our political vocabularies and the study of international politics. As the collective product of the era of national liberation struggles, tricontinental anti-colonial militancy, dependency and World-Systems Theory, it outlined both an emancipatory political project and global web of exploitative social relations confronting the peoples of the colonised and decolonising world. In the famous words of Fanon, ‘Europe is literally the creation of the Third World. The wealth which smothers her is that which was stolen from the underdeveloped peoples.’ In this Call for Papers, we invite contributors to reflect on the history and genealogy of the category of the "Global South", as well as its continued relevance to understanding world politics in the present. With the ‘rise’ of China and the emergence of the BRICS more broadly, does the Global South still retain the moral and political force it once possessed? Does the category remain analytically useful for debates around global inequality and climate debt? What is the status of contemporary theories of neocolonialism and notions like core and periphery? What of inequalities within the Global South itself and the challenges of neoliberalism and sub-imperialism? Which transnational social movements can be said to have inherited the legacy of Third World liberation in the 21st century?


Participants of the roundtable who are Early Career Researchers and PhD Students will be offered editorial feedback by the Editors of Politics on the paper/work they discuss.


If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please get in touch with Professor Elizabeth Evans, Editor-in-Chief of Politics ( or contact us at

The deadline to submit abstracts is 11 November.


Flyer for the Call for Abstracts, all information (image text) is included in the text of the overall post.