17 February 2023

The PSA Early Career Network is inviting early career researchers to submit abstracts for the PSA ECN Annual Conference 2023 'Political Worlds'. Submissions may be made online by 14 April 2023.



PSA Early Career Network Annual Conference 2023 'Political Worlds'


Conference Date: July 3-7

Deadline for abstracts: Friday, 14 April


The PSA Early Career Network would be honoured to receive your submission to this year’s virtual conference, Political Worlds. We’re proud to present another edition of our popular annual conference, and we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got in store. You’re invited once again to pursue any interest and make use of all experience and expertise that you bring to the study of politics.

Join us to construct and explore Political Worlds: how we constitute, regulate, critique, and challenge them. Which domains do we consider to be the location of politics, and how can we expand these boundaries? How do we mobilise alternative geographies and temporalities while remaining sensitive to larger processes that solidify material hierarchies between “worlds”? Through what modes can we resist the expansion of fascist, racist, or repressive worlds? We insist that research can be a method of narrating otherwise, of creating knowledge about our own Political Worlds.


We want to hear about your research. We want to remove as many barriers as we can to invite as many different perspectives as possible: from any discipline and anywhere in the world, whether it’s your first conference or your 500th. Here’s what that looks like:

  • There are no fees whatsoever to attend or present. Any and all participation is completely free.
  • The entire event will take place virtually, making the conference experience as accessible as possible.
  • We don’t require full papers: contributions will again be submitted as pre-recorded presentations. This also makes asynchronous participation possible.

Once again, our conference will be hosted on a stable webpage. There will be opportunities for feedback, synchronous discussions, and socialising. We’ll also host keynotes and workshops throughout the week, with more skill-building sessions, networking, and an awards ceremony on the last day.


Abstracts (under 250 words) should be submitted via the submission form by Friday, 14 April. After that, we’ll arrange them into panels so you can get targeted feedback and have conversations relevant to your work.

If you’re a more seasoned early career academic looking for additional inspiration, continue applying as part of the symposium which will take place on Monday, 3 July. We’ll host roundtable discussions and keynotes on Producing Knowledge and Disciplining Politics, thinking about methods of knowledge production, practices of research, and the ways in which we seek, construct, designate, assemble, and refine ‘results’. Check out the call for submissions here.



Not sure if it’s for you? Have accessibility requirements that weren’t covered? Send an email to tb50@soas.ac.uk and we’ll make sure you get the support and guidance you need.

We can’t wait to hear about your work: see you in July!