22 June 2022

Thanks to those of you who have sent in information about their current research and teaching activities to psalocalpolitics@gmail.com. We are developing a single source of info for the specialist group website to help identify who is working on what. Please send us a few words if you’ve not yet done so and we’ll add you in.

A number of academic jobs have been advertised in the last few weeks that may be of interest. These include:

Some of you might remember that we’ve discussed holding an event, loosely focused on levelling up, in the autumn. This is likely to be in Liverpool in October or November, though we would also look to stream it online. Watch this space for further details!

Under the PSA’s rules, we had to submit a formal application to change the name of the group to ‘Local Politics and Governance’. I sent this over last month and hope to have it approved officially in the coming weeks.

All the best,

Pete, Joanie, Sofia and Tom

Dr Peter Eckersley

Senior Research Fellow in Public Policy and Management

Nottingham Trent University

Managing Editor, Local Government Studies