6 June 2019

Political Marketing Group event - 15 November. Bournemouth

Call for Papers.


It is common in recent years for those who study the marketplace of political ideas to focus on the rise of populism, and see current times as an age of anger and post-factual democracy. Yet in the recent European parliamentary elections centrist, liberal ideas saw something of a resurgence. However there were no uniform patterns, leading us to enquire how liberalism can be branded and sold when it appears the electoral tide is flowing against moderate, centrist, internationalist and inclusive notions.

The Political Marketing Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association is inviting proposals for papers for our annual Political Marketing workshop.  After a focus on Corbynism, and then on Conservatism in previous years, 2019 sees us look at Liberal parties, their brands and policies and Liberalism as a theory of governance. 

We invite interested scholars to submit proposals for 15 minute presentations on any aspect of Liberalism and Political Marketing.  This could be a focus on the UK Liberal Democrats but could also be an exploration of Liberalism or Liberal parties elsewhere. Topics might include, but not be restricted to:  the Liberal brands, the marketing of Liberal leaders and leadership contenders in Liberal parties, the marketing challenges facing Liberal parties as well as their political marketing communication during and outside of elections, from core messaging, targeting to the use of digital technologies and social media. 

The event will be a half-day workshop held at Bournemouth University and will include an audience of undergraduate and postgraduate students. We will also have a keynote from a current marketing practitioner working with the UK Liberal Democrats.

Please send abstracts of 250-300 words to Paula Keaveney (Keavenep@edgehill.ac.uk), Chair, Political Marketing Specialist Group by July 5th.


Further details about the event, and how to register to attend, will be available in September.