19 November 2021

Meet the team

Mercè Cortina-Oriol, Pete Eckersley & Sofia Collignon


Co-convenor Mercè Cortina-Oriol (De Montfort University) focuses on urban governance, social movements and democracy.

Co-convenor Pete Eckersley (Nottingham Trent and the Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space, Germany) focuses on UK local government and climate policy in English and German cities.

Communications Officer Sofia Collignon (Royal Holloway, University of London) focuses on candidates, elections and party competition. In particular, she is interested in gendered political violence in multilevel countries.

ECR officers are Tom Arnold (Liverpool) and Damian Green (DMU).


What are the aims of your Specialist Group?

The Local Politics specialist group aims to foster interdisciplinary and critical research into the conduct of local government, politics, policy and participation. Alongside supporting scholars, we also seek to facilitate the sharing of ideas between academia and practice – a notable share of the group’s members are either elected members or officials in local government.


What activities do you undertake as a group?

We held our annual meeting online earlier this week – the first one since April 2019 – at which we set out our plans for 2022. Alongside four panels at the PSA conference, we are also looking to hold seminars and organise awards for undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations that cover local government and politics. So please get in touch with any dissertations that you feel might be worthy of a prize!

Screenshot from our annual meeting earlier in November 


How can new members get involved or find out more?

More information is available on our website (/specialist-groups/local-politics), or by contacting one of the co-convenors (peter.eckersley@ntu.ac.uk or merce.cortina-oriol@dmu.ac.uk).

Follow us on social media @PSALocalPol for updates and news.