Andy Wroe21 February 2022

The PSA American Politics Group

Award of the

Rosamund Davies Memorial

Research Travel Fellowship 2022


The American Politics Group of the UK Political Studies Association is pleased to welcome the return of trans-Atlantic research travel opportunities with the award of the 2022 Rosamund Davies Research Travel Fellowship to:

Thomas Furse.


Furse’s research focuses on the influence of the human and social sciences on the US Army’s strategic thought in the 1970s and 1980s.  His work examines how ideas from political economy, management theory, organizational science, information science, system theory and military history influenced key military thinkers in their innovations of strategic thought US strategic-military thought and their rethinking American world power after the Vietnam War, with a focus on the 1980s.  He aims to shed light on how the US Army found its purpose within the military-industrial (and science) complex post-Vietnam and into the 1980s.

Thomas Furse is a PhD candidate studying at City, University of London, under the supervision of Professor Inderjeet Parmar.


Many congratulations to Thomas Furse from all his colleagues and friends in the American Politics Group!