Since its foundation in 2001, the Italian Politics Specialist group has offered a wide range of panels at every annual PSA Conference, many of which have featured highprofile international speakers. The group has also organized panels and roundtables at the annual Società Italiana di Scienza Politica (SISP) Conference and has worked together with other specialist groups on a series of workshops and conferences. Each year the IPSG also organise events such as conferences, workshops and symposia. For further details, please visit the Italian Politics Specialist Group's website.

All who are interested in the government, politics, foreign relations, the recent political history of Italy as well as in comparative politics are warmly invited to join (click 'request group membership' on the menu on the right). Membership enquiries should be sent to Dario Quattromani.

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Prof Laura Polverari

Role: Co-Convenor
Institution: University of Padova


Dr Mattia Zulianello

Role: Co-Convenor
Institution: University of Trieste


Prof James Newell

Role: Chair and Treasurer


Dr Paolo Chiocchetti

Role: Secretary and Media Officer
Institution: Humboldt University of Berlin



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