The Media and Politics Group (MPG) aims to act as a forum for discussion between a wide variety of academics with interests in the study of media policy, journalism, political communications, new information technologies and other topics.

The Group always contributes a stream of panels to the PSA annual conference, as well as running its own successful annual conference. The Media & Politics Group operates an open and inclusive policy, and empirical, theoretical, and practice-based research dealing with any aspect of media and politics is welcomed. This may include areas of political communication and journalism, but also includes a broader view of the political within such areas as online media, television, cinema and media arts, both factual and fictional.

You can request lifetime membership of the MPG through the PSA website. If you are a PSA Member, then membership of the MPG is free.

The Group convenors are Dr Jen BirksProfessor Alec CharlesDr James DennisDr Emily Harmer, and Dr Katy Parry.


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Political Studies Association Annual International Conference — Media and Politics Group Themed Panels [Hybrid Conference]

The PSA Media and Politics Group invites members to submit paper abstracts or panel proposals for the PSA Media and Politics stream at the PSA Annual International Conference 2022. The conference is due to be held 10-13 April 2022 at the University of York. You can view the Call for Papers here. The deadline for abstracts has now passed.


PSA MPG Seminar Series

In 2021 we launched a virtual seminar series. These monthly meetings offer an informal, supportive, and friendly space for colleagues to share their work, network with others, or even just to come along and listen. Past seminars include:

09/06/2021: Dr Lone Sorensen’s (University of Leeds) in conversation with Dr Katy Parry, discussing her new book Populist Communication: Ideology, Performance, Mediation (Palgrave). Watch here.

14/07/2021: Dr Paul Reilly (University of Sheffield) in conversation with Dr Emily Harmer, discussing his new book Digital Contention in a Divided Society: Social Media, Parades and Protests in Northern Ireland (Manchester University Press). Watch here.

15/09/2021: Panel — Uses and Abuses of Information and Disinformation: Power, Politics and Media with Dr Emma Briant (Bard College) and Dr Natalie Martin (University of Nottingham). Watch here.

13/10/2021: Professor Darren Lilleker (Bournemouth University) in conversation with Dr James Dennis, discussing his paper co-authored with Anastasia Veneti (Bournemouth University) entitled Overcoming the Crises and Reversing the Crisis of Political Communication: Towards a More Three-Dimensional Model. Watch here.

17/11/2021: Dr Abi Rhodes (University of Nottingham) — Social Movements in Elections: UK Anti-Austerity and Environmental Campaigning 2015-19. Watch here.

12/01/2022: Professor Cristian Vaccari (Loughborough University) in conversation with Dr James Dennis, discussing his new book co-authored with Augusto Valeriani (University of Bologna) entitled Outside the Bubble: Social Media and Political Participation in Western Democracies (OUP). Watch here.

15/03/2022: Dr Emily Harmer (University of Liverpool) in conversation with Dr Katy Parry, discussing her new book entitled Women, Media, and Elections: Representation and Marginalization in British Politics (Bristol University Press). Watch here.

11/05/2022: Dr Bernadine Jones (University of Sterling) in conversation with Dr Emily Harmer, discussing her new book entitled Elections and TV News in South Africa: Desperately Seeking Depth (Palgrave). Book tickets here.

08/06/2022: Dr Nick Anstead (LSE) in conversation with Dr James Dennis, discussing his new book entitled What Do We Know and What Should We Do About Fake News? (SAGE). Book tickets here.


We will announce our upcoming speakers in the Media and Politics Group newsletter. 

You can watch previous seminars on the PSA MPG YouTube channel.

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08 Jun

In the ninth event of our seminar series, we welcome ...

What Do We Know and What Should We Do About Fake News?