The PSA Politics & History specialist group was set up in 2016. Its aim is to promote a better dialogue between political scientists and political historians. We set the group up because we felt that in the UK each of these disciplines was quite inward-looking and when they did engage tended to talk past each other. Our hope is that a richer dialogue will work to the benefit of both disciplines. The group is led by Dr David Jeffery (University of Liverpool), Emily Stacey (Oxford Brookes), and Adam Waddingham (University of Manchester). 

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Becoming an official member of our group helps us put together events, talks, and other ways that allows us to keep you better informed of what we are up to. Please join us by signing in and pressing 'Request Group Membership' on the right hand side of the page. 


We publish a quarterly newsletter for members which showcases the work of the group and our members, as well forthcoming talks and events. If you would like to be featured in the forthcoming edition, please email Adam. 

Annual conference

The group hosts an Annual Conference once a year. Last year, the theme was 'Your Street to Downing Street'. We are currently discussing a topic for 2021 and any ideas are warmly welcomed. 

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If you would like to know more about the group, be involved in it more actively, or are interested in co-organising an event with us then please do get in touch with one of the committee members listed below. 

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David Jeffery

Role: Convenor
Institution: University of Liverpool

Emily Stacey 

Role: Convenor
Institution: Oxford Brookes University

Adam Waddingham 

Role: Convenor
Institution: University of Manchester

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