The Public Administration and Public Policy Specialist Group formed in 1995, with Professor R.A.W. Rhodes as its first Convenor. It organises seminars and conference panels, and provides funding for public policy, administration and management-related events.

The group aims to provide a focus for academics teaching and researching in the fields of public administration, public policy and management. It encompasses both UK and European perspectives, as well as wider comparative interests including the Americas, Africa,  Australaisia and Asia.

The study of public administration is multidisciplinary and can be found located in business schools as well as social science departments, its practitioners occupy positions throughout the public sector as well as those private organisations and NGOs involved in the delivery of public services. There is no one theory or group of theories, but a multiplicity of approaches that draw on political science and economics as well as sociology and philosophy. Our study group explores these approaches and perspectives and encourages all with an interest in public policy, administration and management to collaborate.

The group co-convenors are Dr Stephen Greasley (University of Exeter), Dr Dion Curry (Swansea University) and Dr Nick Dickinson (University of Oxford). To join or find out more, please email us using the email addresses to the right.

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PPASG at PSA 2023, University of Liverpool

73rd Annual Conference, “Political Futures”, 3rd – 5th April 2023


1. Developments in Theory and Method

Chair: Dr Dion Curry

Dr Stephen Greasley and Prof Liz Richardson “What is to be done about the case study?”

Prof N Zahariadis, Dr E. Petridou, Dr J. Sparf,  Dr T. Exadaktylos, Dr A. Kyriakides, V. Karokis-Mavrikos “A New Way to Measure National Policy Style”

Dr Markus Ketola and Dr Karl O'Connor, “Minding your P’s and Q’s: A citation network analysis of the use of Q method in the study of public policy”

Titus Alexander “Dynamic Social Theory: How treating institutions and social models as theories in social science can improve impact of research and social outcomes.”

2. Policy in the Digital Age

Chair: Dr Nick Dickinson

Dr Ahmed Badran, “Digital Transformation Policies in Government: a Comparative Study of Smart-Government Projects in Qatar and Duba”

Dr Siabhainn Russell, “Assistive technology and robotics in the devolved nations of the UK”

Ville Aula, “From statisticians to data scientists – The use and limitations of computational techniques in the UK non-profit sector”

Priyank Jain, Sneha Swami, Prof Subodh Wagle, “Complaint Boxes and 3-D Printers: Marginalization of Local Politics around Public Service Delivery in Indian Cities”

3. Delivering and Managing Policy

Chair: Dr Stephen Greasley            

K. C. Franco Ho, Explaining the dynamics of change in local health and wellbeing policymaking: A multi-level discursive institutionalist approach

Dr  Nick Turnbull and Prof Robert Hoppe, “The experience of distance in relationships between policy workers”

Prof David Richards, Prof Diane Coyle Prof Martin J. Smith, and Dr Samuel Warner, “The paradox of centralised spending control and fragmented governance: A critical analysis short termism and the challenge of ‘future proofing’ prisons policy in England and Wales.”

Dr Diana Stirbu, “Community engagement in regeneration and local recovery. Exploring the strategy execution gap in the public sector”

4. Participatory Local Governance

Chair: Dr Nick Dickinson                

Dr Daniel Silver and Prof Liz Richardson, “When ideas of the commons collide with institutions: a case study of by Zagreb is Ours!”

Dr Kidjie Saguin, “Goal change as policy dismantling”

Prof Diana Stirbu, Dr Natasha Choudary, and Dr Ricardo Carvalho Pereira, “Infrastructures of belonging in the city: community engagement in urban regeneration at the crossroads”

Dr Yifei Yan, Dr Alfred M. Wu, and Dr Biao Huang, “Emergence and persistence of participatory budgeting at local level in China: A critical capacity explanation”

5. Participation in Policy Systems and Policy Change

Chair: Dr Dion Curry              

Dr  Peter Eckersley, P. Murphy, K. Lakoma, and C Pell, “Accountability, power and interdependence: A new framework for analysis”

Prof Brenton Prosser, “No Minister: Is Australia developing a new policy style?”

Dr Danielle Beswick, “Are foreign and domestic policy changes driven by the same processes? Lessons from analysing UK international development policy (2010-2020)”

Sung-geun Kim and Don S. Lee, “How are Local Bureaucrats Motivated to Become Policy Entrepreneurs?”

6. Future Directions for Street Level Bureaucracy

Chair: Prof Catherine Durose         

Dr Laura Hand, “Whose bias? A critical discourse analysis of street-level bureaucrats and automated decision-making systems in the public administration literature”

Dr Johan Sanden, “Digitalisation of street-level work – changing, and/ or adding to, the role of relational SLBs?”

Muhammed Wahyudi, “What can a Street Level Bureaucracy Perspective Add to an Understanding of Citizen Participation? A Case Study from Indonesia”

Vanita Leah Falcao, “Provisioning digitalised welfare in rural India: effectiveness, agency & legitimacy”

7. Challenges in Policy and Public Administration

Chair: Dr Stephen Greasley            

Dr Junyan Zhu, Dr Tom Stafford and Dr Kate Dommett, “What makes the public think that online political adverts are unacceptable?”

Dr Liam Clegg, “Green representation and local climate performance: Influence from the sidelines”

Dr Laura De Vito, “Strategic foresight and sustainable development in a context of crisis: exploring challenges and opportunities”

Windy Thi-Ngoc-Minh Phan, “Public Administration Research in Vietnam: The English Language Evidence”

8. Policymaking and Risk     

Chair: Dr Dion Curry                       

Dr Ilaria Di Gioia, “Local opt out options in the regulation of marijuana and alcohol in the United States: good processes, controversial outcomes?”

Dr Claire MacRae Prof Darinka Asenova, and Dr Thelma Okey-Adibe, “Risks and Opportunities for Asylum Seekers living in Scotland”

Cecilia Gialdini, “Talking over the Catastrophe: Linguistic Justice in Disaster Risk Reduction”

Mehmet Metin Uzun, “The Future of the AI Regulation in the UK: Pro-Innovation Approach”

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