There is growing interest in the politics of space, and the interactions between space, time and politics. Political struggles and governance practices are simultaneously localised and globalised, while situated within specific historicised contexts. Alternative constructions of scale, place and territory shape governing strategies, forms of resistance and alternatives, and everyday politics. Indeed, recent transformations of political practices point to the ‘politicisation of spatial relations and the spatialization of politics’ .

But how are we to understand the outcomes of such processes? What are the advantages of going beyond space as a fixed, measurable territory or level of governance? In other words, what is political about space, and how does space help us generate better understandings of political outcomes?

This specialist group addresses such questions and facilitate a cross-disciplinary dialogue on the politics of space. 

The Group was established in November 2017; there is no membership fee for the group's first year, so please take advantage of this and sign up as a member now!

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Neil Barnett

Role: Convenor
Insitution: Leeds Beckett University

Colin Lorne

Role: Convenor
Insitution: Open University

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