The Technology, Internet, and Policy Specialist Group (TIP) is a group of academics, practitioners, campaigners, journalists, and others with an interest in technology and the internet. The group seeks to promote academic engagement in policy debates and discourse which may impact policy, in particular by facilitating the exchange of ideas between academia and practitioners from various fields. You can learn more about our aims and agenda from our introductory launch blog.



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Kate Dommett

Role: Convenor
Institution:Sheffield University
Twitter: @

Liam McLoughlin

Role: Co-Convenor
Institution: University of Liverpool
Twitter: @Leelum

Giulia Sandri 

Role: Policy Officer
Institution: Université Catholique de Lille

Declan McDowell-Naylor

Role: Co-Convenor
Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Amber McIntyre

Role: Civil Society Officer
Institution: Tactical Tech

Sarah Ledoux

Role: Communications Officer
Institution: University of Manchester

Ashley Cresswell

Role: Blog Editor
Institution: University of Manchester






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Join this Group


Version 1.01, July 2023. This is the Constitution document as voted by the 2023 AGM. This document outlines how the group is organised and ran.
This planning document was designed to accompany the blog post on the Political Studies Association website and is designed based on lessons from the ‘New Media, Old Media’ workshop, Friends House, London. 19th January 2023. It is designed to get academics thinking strategically for how, when, and where, they can engage in the policy process.