PSA22 Convenor Biographies

PSA22 Academic Convenors

Dr Sara De Jong
Dr Sara de Jong research and teaching interests include migration, race, and gender, in particular the politics of NGOs and civil society activism. She currently conducts research on the protection by local Afghan staff working for Western armies and the strategies of their advocates.
Dr Indrajit Roy
Dr Indrajit Roy researches and teaches the politics of ‘new development futures’, where development is understood broadly as an ensemble of practices, processes and possibilities that encompass economic change and social transformation. His work seeks to go beyond Eurocentric and elite-centric narratives and contributes to growing efforts at diversifying and decolonising the field.

PSA22 Convening Team

Dr Nicole Lindstrom
Dr Nicole Lindstrom researches and teaches comparative European political economy, focusing on post-socialist states on the margins of Europe. Her current research focuses on the political economy of populism, European industrial policy, and Brexit.
Dr Alfred Moore
Alfred Moore works on contemporary political theory. He has written on topics including the politics of expertise, the role of anonymity in the networked public sphere, and is currently researching the role of ideas of competition in democratic theory and practice.
Professor Nina Caspersen
Prof Nina Caspersen's research and teaching interests are in the areas of conflict, peace processes, statebuilding, governance, and sovereignty. Much of her work has focused on non-state governance: in contested territories and by rebel movements.
Dr Dan Keith
Dr Dan Keith has research interests in the areas of comparative and European politics. His current research analyses the development and impact of radical left political parties. Dan is co-convenor and an active member of the PSA Specialist Group on Left Radicalism.