The British Journal of Politics and International Relations (BJPIR) is an international journal that publishes peer-reviewed, cutting edge scholarship across the full breadth of the fields of international relations, comparative politics, public policy, political theory, political economy, and politics. As a flagship journal of the UK’s Political Studies Association, BJPIR is the world’s premier outlet for research on British politics.

The journal has always sought to reflect and drive the major currents of debate in political science and international relations, both in the UK and internationally. Building on this legacy, our vision is to be at the forefront of scholarly efforts to understand and address the politics of global challenges, broadly understood. We encourage submissions that nuance our understanding of the inherently political processes through which these challenges are created, experienced, and responded to. We particularly welcome scholarship that generates new perspectives on some of the core assumptions and debates in political studies and international relations.

Above all, BJPIR provides a forum for a diversity of approaches and voices. In keeping with the journal’s founding concerns for disciplinary pluralism, we welcome diverse epistemological and methodological approaches, as well as genuinely interdisciplinary research agendas. We will continuously aim for a bigger proportion of articles from women scholars and support the discipline-wide effort to see gender parity. We are committed to improving the number of submissions and published articles by authors from underrepresented minority groups, scholars from the Global South, and Early Career Researchers (ECRs).


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Special Issues

BJPIR does a yearly call for their Special Issue journals. They welcome scholarship that generates new perspectives on some of the core assumptions and debates in Political Studies and International Relations.

If you're interested, please find more information on this year's call from BJPIR here


Best Article Prize

Each year BJPIR showcases and rewards the best article published by the Journal. The winning article is chosen by our Editorial Team and is directly accessible through SAGE’s website. The author(s) receives a £250 cash prize and the result is unveiled at a BJPIR reception/event at the PSA’s annual conference

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