On April 14th, the PSA hosted a virtual careers event for current undergraduates studying politics, international relations or cognate disciplines. Co-organised by Dr James Weinberg (PSA trustee) and Josh Platt (Her Majesty's Treasury), this event is designed to draw back the curtain on 'what' political careers look like and 'how' they are accessed. 

Focusing on a range of job opportunities in the field of government and politics broadly defined (including private sector research, elected office, academia, and the civil service), the event will tackle questions such as: 

1. How does one get into the sector? Where should students look?

2. What skills are necessary and/or desirable?

3. What does the job entail? What are the big highlights and/or challenges?

4. What are the potential career prospects?

5. What should students be doing now to lay successful foundations?

The event runs in two parts. In the first half, a panel of experts make statements about their own career journeys before engaging in discussion with the audience. In the second half, students had the opportunity to benefit from an interactive policy making workshop that provides a snapshot of 'working in Whitehall'. 

Event Summary

Welcome and Introductory Remarks

from Dr James Weinberg (PSA) and Josh Platt (HMT)

Expert Roundable

Chaired by Jill Rutter (Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government). 

Confirmed panellists include: Cat Smith (Labour MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood), Tanya Abraham (Associate Director of Political and Social Research at YouGov), Cat Little (Director General, Public Spending, Her Majesty's Treasury), and Tom Fletcher (Principal of Hertford Oxford, and former British Ambassador). 

Working in Whitehall: Policy Making Workshop

delivered by Olly Netwon and Elena Wilson (both of the Edge Foundation and formerly Department for Education). 

After a year of upheaval and uncertainty, we hope that this event will give students additional support as they plan for the future. 

This event is public but if you are interested in staying in touch, and accessing PSA member benefits please consider joining our organisation today. Undergraduate students can join our organisation for just £10 per year. 

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