A project funded by the ESRC Professor Stephen Farall and Dr Emily Gray from the University of Derby have created a resource on the legacy of Thatcherism for those teaching A level Politics and Sociology.

These films have been put together by a group of academics and focus on the long-term legacy of New Right ideology in the UK, also known as Thatcherism. The detailed findings of this research are available to read further online. The academics are Professor Stephen Farrall and Dr. Emily Gray from the University of Derby.

If you're using this film as a teaching resource, why not download the supplementary worksheet and teaching notes which supports the discussion of the film 'Society Politics and Change: Exploring the Legacy of Thatcherism'. 

You can download and view these resources via https://vimeo.com/thatcherlegacy/ 

Or download the worksheet directly here.

Please note that this resource has not been created by the PSA. 

We want to simply share with you the work of our colleagues at the University of Derby and their project funded by the ESRC.