Nominate the best academics, books, articles and scholars for this year's PSA Prizes.


W.J.M. Mackenzie Book Prize


The W.J.M. Mackenzie Book Prize celebrates the best book published in political science each year. 

The deadline for nominations is 2 May 2017.

For more information, please see: 

Download a nomination form here


The Political Studies Association also awards the following prizes:

  • Sir Isaiah Berlin Prize, for lifetime contribution to Political Studies


The deadline for nominations for the following prizes has now passed: 

  • Richard Rose Prize, awarded to a younger scholar who has made a distinctive contribution to the study of British Politics
  • ​​Sir Bernard Crick Awards,celebrating outstanding achievements in teaching.
  • Specialist Group Annual Award, for the group whose activities within their specialism have raised awareness of the study of politics and increased the impact of the discipline
    • Nominators are asked to provide a one-page statement, summarising the achievement of the specialist group to


The deadline for Dissertation Prizes has now passed: 

  • The Walter Bagehot Prize for Government and Public Administration
  • The Sir Ernest Barker Prize for Political Theory
  • The Lord Bryce Prize for International Relations/Comparative Studies
  • The McDougall Fund Prize for Elections, Electoral Systems or Representation
  • The Elizabeth Wiskemann Prize for the Study of Inequality and Social Justice (New for 2017)


View the Rules for Dissertation Prizes and download a Nomination Form 


Past Winners


Sir Bernard Crick Awards - Past Winners

Professor Adam Morton (University of Sydney) with speaker, Steve Bell, receiving the Bernard Crick Teaching Main Prize at the 2016 Annual International Conference in Brighton.

Olli Hellman (University of Sussex) was awarded the New Entrant Prize.


Sir Isaiah Berlin Prize - Past Winners


W.J.M Mackenzie Book Prize - Past Winners

Professor Michael Kenny receiving the W.J.M Mackenzie Book Prize from Ben Bradshaw MP, alongside Awards host Jon Snow, Channel 4 News


Richard Rose Prize - Past Winners

Dr James Tilley (University of Oxford), 2016 Richard Rose Prize winner, with speaker, Steve Bell.


Dissertation Prizes

  • The Walter Bagehot Prize for Government and Public Administration - Past Winners
  • The Sir Ernest Barker Prize for Political Theory - Past Winners
  • The Lord Bryce Prize for International Relations/Comparative Studies - Past Winners
  • The McDougall Fund Prize for Elections, Electoral Systems or Representation - Past Winners


Specialist Group Annual Award - Past Winners


Journal Prizes

  • Harrison Prize
    • Awarded to Dr Jonathan White (LSE) for his paper, Emergency Europe in 2015
    • Past Winners
  • POLITICS Prize
    • Awarded to Yulia Kiseleva for her paper, Russia's Soft Power: Discourse: Identity, Status, and the Attraction of Power in 2015
    • Past Winners
  • POLITICS Learning and Teaching Prize (Biennial)
    • The Prize for the Best Article on Learning and Teaching published in Politics recognises the increasing importance of pedagogical research on politics and International studies
    • ​Past Winners
  • BJPIR Prize
    • ​Awarded to Professor Andrew Hindmoor (University of Sheffield) and Stephen Bell (University of Queensland) for their paper, Masters of the Universe but Slaves of the Market: Bankers and the Great Financial Meltdown in 2015
    • Past Winners

The Political Studies Association also award the following prizes:

  • Sir Isaiah Berlin Prize, for lifetime contribution to Political Studies.
  • W.J.M Mackenzie Book Prize (deadline for nominations will be 1 May 2017)