The PSA specialist group on Autocracies and Regime Change brings together scholars studying the domestic politics and international relations of non-democratic states, as well as scholars who study regime change, including democratisation, democratic backsliding and autocratic consolidation. The specialist group has four goals: 1) to further academic exchange and the formation and deepening of professional networks among scholars studying autocracies and states in transition; 2) to promote academic research on autocracies and states in transition to the media, governments, NGOs and the general public; 3) to create an inclusive, accessible and supportive professional community for scholars of autocracies and states in transition of all backgrounds; and 4) to provide support and professional-development opportunities for early-career scholars who study autocracies and regime change.

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Janina Beiser-McGrath

Role: Chair
Institution: Royal Holloway University


Felix Wiebrecht

Role: Treasurer
Institution: University of Liverpool


Fabio Angiolillo

Role: Early Careers and Communications Ofiicer
Institution: University of Gothenburg



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