The Political Studies Association (PSA) is committed to supporting the next generation of political scientists through its Early Career Network (ECN). The PSA ECN exists to represent the interests of postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers and early career academics within the PSA. It opens a space that specifically addresses the interests and needs of postgraduates and early career researchers in an independent, peer-based environment, while still getting support and guidance from the Executive Committee of the PSA when required.

You can be a member of the PSA's ECN from when you started a doctoral degree until three years after the completion of a doctoral viva. Only £20 a year Membership - it's a full PSA membership, at a reduced price. Click here to join.


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Upcoming Events

8 March 2023 - Environmental Politics Workshop for early career researchers. This event is organised in collaboration with the PSA Environmental Politics Specialist Group. This workshop has been rescheduled from its original date due to forthcoming industrial action. Registrations have now closed, but you can find out more about this event on the dedicated page. We are currently looking to organise further workshops like this.

2 April 2023 - Pre-Conference ECN Day at PSA23 in Liverpool. We are looking forward to welcoming you to a pre-conference day of workshops, discussions and networking in Liverpool a day before the main PSA conference starts. You can find out more about this day as well as details on how to register on the event page.

5 May 2023 - Workshop: Demonstrating KE & Impact in Grant Applications. Led by Katie Pruszynski, this workshop will provide tips and guidance on how to highlight knowledge exchange and impact in your future grant applications. Registration for this event will open shortly, but do save the date.

7 June 2023 - Workshop: Developing Ethical Knowledge Exchange and Impact. This workshop will address which ethical considerations we should give to knowledge exchange and impact activity and how to embed best practices in your own research impact activities. Registration for this event will open shortly; save the date.

3-7 July 2023 - PSA ECN Annual Conference 2023 'Political Worlds'. We are thrilled to announce that our popular annual conference is back for another year. This year's conference theme is 'Political Worlds'. More information will be made available shortly, but please do save the date.

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Taylor Borowetz

Role: President
Institution:  School of Oriental and African Studies

Lydia Hiraide

Role: Secretary
Institution: Goldsmiths, University of London

Elsa Bengtsson Meuller

Role: Treasurer
Institution: Goldsmiths, University of London 

Caroline Leicht

Role: Communications Officer
Institution: University of Southampton

Thomas Ron

Role: Events Officer
Institution: University of York

Katie Pruszynski

Role: EDI Officer
Institution: University of Sheffield


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Group Events

PSA Early Career Network event
02 Apr

The PSA’s Early Career Network is delighted to be hosting a free pre-conference Early Career Day, for those attending PSA23, on Sunday 2 April.

PSA Early Career Network event
03 May

The PSA's Early Career Network is hosting a lunchtime workshop about knowledge exchange.

PSA Early Career Network event
07 Jun

The PSA's Early Career Network is hosting a lunchtime workshop about knowledge exchange.

PSA Early Career Network event
03 Jul

Our annual conference will take place virtually from 3 to 7 July 2023. More information will be made available shortly, but do save the date and...


Our ECN Welcome Pack offers tips on topics such as publishing, conferences, networking and teaching, which are all central to the PhD experience.
Final programme: The Time is Now. PSA ECN Online Conference. 4 - 8 July. In this PDF, you will find all the information you need to attend this year’s PSA ECN conference which will be held online.