PSA Annual Conference

PSA22 Annual Conference

The PSA is delighted to tell you that #PSA22 is now open for paper and panel submissions. #PSA22 is in partnership with the University of York and SAGE Publishing.

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"Members of the Political Studies Association have long, and rightly, had a concern with those pushed to the margins of politics. That concern is all the more relevant after a period in which Covid, Black Lives Matter, and campaigns against sexual violence have each shone new spotlights on the patterns of inequality and discrimination that persist in our societies. So the conference theme of Politics from the Margins is spot on"
Professor Charlie Jeffery - Vice-Chancellor and President at the University of York

Politics from the Margins

This 2022 PSA conference takes ‘the margins’ as a vantage point to investigate political  issues and developments. As the world reels from one of its worst crises in a generation, issues and actors hitherto at the  margins of politics have forced their way to the mainstream. Issues of health and human development have compelled a radical rethinking of statehood, citizenship and political order. The  salience to global politics of actors in Asia and Africa, often marginalized in the past, can no longer be ignored. Marginal seats can move to the centre of attention. Marginalised actors can make claims on the mainstream for a redistribution of power, status and  resources. Marginal risks — of financial crisis, epidemic, climate catastrophe — can take on major  significance. Indeed, what is regarded as a mainstream and what as a marginal political issue is a  point of significant contention and subject to changes which need to be mapped and investigated. 

The Conference invites reflection on shifting centres of power in the global, regional, national and  subnational political order. Devolution, Brexit and ‘levelling up’ policies have compelled us to rethink the mainstream and the margins in British politics. The rise of the BRICS and other emerging markets force a reconceptualisation of mainstream and margin in global politics. Across the world, political subjects at the margins interrogate mainstream understandings and practices of politics and power. While marginalisation of some political subjects has become further entrenched, other previously dominant voices feel newly marginalised. How does politics change and who benefits when those who feel left out or behind make their  voices heard? What mechanisms contribute to their silencing or to their move to alternative forms  of politics? Finally, inspired by the growing calls for diversifying and decolonising research and  teaching in politics, this PSA conference seeks to cast a critical and reflexive eye on political science  scholarship by considering what or who is positioned on the margins within our scholarship and  academic community and what could be gained by including marginalised perspectives, voices and  topics. To that end, we invite contributions that help us to think not only ‘from’ but also ‘with’ the  margins, ‘against’ the margins or even ‘beyond’ the margins.

Conference Timeline:

  • 13th August 2021: Call for Papers Opens
  • 11th October 2021: Submissions Deadline - Call for Papers Closes
  • 15th November 2021: Registration Opens (Early Bird Fees)
  • 24th January 2022: Early Bird Registration Ends
  • 8th February 2022: Deadline for Paper-Givers to Register
  • 11th April - 13th April 2022: PSA Annual International Conference

Further deadlines will be updated to the list above so please do keep an eye on this page for updates

Registration Fees:

Early Bird Rates are available from Monday 15th November 2021 - Monday 24th January 2022@23:59

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We are looking forward to offering an opportunity to return to an in-person conference in addition to a more accessible approach for those scholars who wish to present digitally. We believe the city of York, and its Convening Team, will provide an inspiring environment in which to welcome you to this new style of event. This also means that the PSA and Convening Team are open to accepting papers and panels which will be presented digitally – both those presenting in person or digitally will receive a certificate of participation.

Digital participants will have access to view panels which are wholly digital, as well as our keynote speaker sessions. We are working with the venue with the aim of increasing the amount of content we can provide to our digital-only attendees.


The conference will be supported by the following academic convenors from the University of York's Department of Politics.

• Dr Sara de Jong

• Dr Indrajit Roy

The academic convenors above will be supported by the convening team as follows:

• Professor Nina Caspersen

• Dr Alfred Moore

• Dr Dan Keith

• Dr Nicole Lindstrom

Full biographies of the Convenors can be found here

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