The PSA Teaching and Learning Network has launched its third webinar series 'Teaching Politics and IR Online: Key Issues, Skills and Pedagogy '. This series has been recorded and relevant information and resources can be found here.

Engaging students is the key to an effective online course. But online engagement and interaction need to be carefully and intentionally planned and clearly communicated to students. This workshop provides some key ideas for designing and running online asynchronous activities to engage students. It focuses on two examples that can be used in politics courses: interacting with practitioners and ePortfolios. In both cases, technology can enhance the learning experience: (1) by providing various channels and flexible modes of engaging with practitioners irrespective of their location and (2) by offering students a space to reflect on the course content and on their learning.

This webinar was delivered live on Thursday 12th November,  led by Alexandra Mihai (UCL).

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