Welcome to the Teaching & Learning Network! 

The Teaching and Learning Network is a community of practice for academics and higher education teachers, where best practice can be recognised, scholarship and research disseminated, and university teaching supported. 

Building on over a decade of work as a PSA Specialist Group, the remit of the Network is:

  • To enable all politics academics/HE teachers to share the good and innovative practices that they have developed, within a community of practice
  • To support the production and dissemination of research and scholarship relating to the teaching and learning of politics
  • To support the PSA in contributing to policy relating to HE matters, including the TEF
  • To support early career academics in developing their practice as university teachers 
  • To support the development of politics students as critical and independent learners, able to contribute to economic, social, and political wellbeing as active citizens.


All academic and ECN PSA members are automatically affiliated to the Network, although we will endeavour to engage as many other categories of membership as possible.

Watch this space for more information and events, including workshops and talks at the PSA Annual Conference in April, and the official launch of the Network at the PSA International Teaching and Learning Conference in June!


The International Political Education Database (IPED)

The International Political Education Database (IPED) is a bibliographic database of journal articles relating to teaching and learning in politics, international relations, public administration and related fields. It aims to raise the profile of existing publications to encourage further research and enhancements to student learning.

We believe that IPED is the world's most comprehensive bibliographic database of teaching and learning resources for politics.

Contact Us

Donna Smith

Role: Co-chair
Institution: Open University


John Craig

Role: Co-chair
Institution: Leeds Beckett University