Welcome to the Teaching & Learning Network! 

The Teaching and Learning Network is a community of practice for academics and higher education teachers, where best practice can be recognised, scholarship and research disseminated, and university teaching supported. 

Building on over a decade of work as a PSA Specialist Group, the remit of the Network is:

  • To enable all politics academics/HE teachers to share the good and innovative practices that they have developed, within a community of practice
  • To support the production and dissemination of research and scholarship relating to the teaching and learning of politics
  • To support the PSA in contributing to policy relating to HE matters, including the TEF
  • To support early career academics in developing their practice as university teachers 
  • To support the development of politics students as critical and independent learners, able to contribute to economic, social, and political wellbeing as active citizens.

All academic and ECN PSA members have the opportunity to be affiliated to the Network so, if you haven’t done so already, please log into your PSA membership account and sign up!


TLN Mentoring Network Launched!

We are delighted to launch a mentoring network for PSA members who are educational specialists and/or on education-focused contracts.

If you feel you have the skills and capacity to become a mentor, we kindly invite you to sign up by completing this short form stating your skills and experience.

Your details will be added to a database of those who are willing to mentor other teaching-focused, pedagogically-interested or educational leadership staff in Politics (broadly defined), and Mentors can remove themselves from the database at any time once they have reached their capacity.

This is an open database for academics across the UK to contribute towards, but only PSA members may request a copy.

PSA members can use the database to make a direct approach to potential mentors personally.

If you have any queries, please do get in touch with us via


PSA Teaching and Learning Network Conference

Theme: "Insert Broad, Encapsulating, Inclusive Pedagogy Theme Here"!!

Find out more about our conference taking place 5 to 6 September 2024 here!


2023/24 Academic Prize Winners

Check out the winners of this year's Teaching Prizes here!


TLN Blog - PSA Academic Awards 2022/23 Prize Winner

A blog emphasising how great the teaching and scholarship community is within the PSA (and the discipline more widely) and the importance of cultivating this growing community. Read the whole blog here!


Teaching and Learning Network Blogs

Read the latest in our five-part blog series, being shared between the PSA Teaching and Learning stream and the Forum for Access and Continuing Education (FACE), in order to promote dialogue between the more academic-related pedagogy-focussed bodies and more practitioner-focussed organisations such as FAC.


TLN - 2021 PSA Award winner!

We were delighted to win the Special Recognition Award from the PSA for extraordinary contribution to the profession, awarded during the PSA Annual Conference. Thank you PSA!


We want to hear from you!

It would be great to get some feedback from members about what you would like the Network to focus on. We are open to all suggestions, whether that’s workshops, conferences and events we could run or be involved in, publication/article/blog ideas, professional development/training opportunities, or anything else under our wide remit. Get in touch via

Blog writers wanted: do you have something to say about teaching and learning in politics and international studies? If so, why not write a blog for us. We are happy to publish content about best practice, scholarship, or your general thoughts about teaching and learning in the discipline. Contact us at with your idea.

Fancy running a webinar for us on teaching and learning in politics? You know what to do: contact us at!.


PSA External Examiner Database

The PSA Teaching and Learning Network is coordinating an external examiners database, exclusively available as a benefit of PSA membership. If you are a member and would like a copy of the database, please email

PSA members are encouraged to register their details in the database, and can do so by completing this short form. 

If you aren’t yet a member, do consider joining as you will be will be able to both request a copy of the database and access the wide range of other membership benefits. 


The International Political Education Database (IPED)

The International Political Education Database (IPED), curated by Network Co-Chair John Craig, is a historic bibliographic database of journal articles relating to teaching and learning in politics, international relations, public administration and related fields. It aims to raise the profile of existing publications to encourage further research and enhancements to student learning.

We believe that IPED is the world's most comprehensive bibliographic database of teaching and learning resources for politics. NOTE: last updated 2018.


Teaching Politics and IR Online: Key Issues, Skills and Pedagogy

The webinar series took place in the winter of 2020 and early spring of 2021. This webinar series focused on general teaching and learning issues, not just online learning!

The following webinars were held:

  • 'Let's use technology meaningfully: Designing engaging online learning activities' by Alexandra Mihai (UCL)
  • 'Teaching and Learning: the Student Perspective' led by Maxine David (Leiden University)
  • 'External Examining in Politics: Rigour and Inclusion' led by Helen Williams (University of Nottingham)
  • 'Active Learning' led by Cristina Leston Bandeira (University of Leeds)
  • 'The Things we Gained During Lockdown. What we Won’t Miss and What we Should Incorporate Into our Teaching in the Longer Term' led by Victoria Honeyman (Leeds University).

You can find the recordings here: /resources/multimedia


View our webinars

As a special thanks to our PSA Members, we are offering you a certificate of participation if you have attended at least three of our teaching and learning webinars (from any series) to assist you in your professional development. If you would like to request this certificate, please contact

You can view our webinars on the PSA's YouTube Channel including our most recent series:

  • Humour in Politics by Alex Martin 
  • From Classroom to Garden by Cathy Elliot 
  • Teaching in Excel by Charlotte Brookfield 
  • Teaching Statistics in SPSS by Helen WIlliams 
  • Decolonising Political Theory by Manjeet Ramgotra & Simon Choat 
  • Preparing Students for Non-Academic Careers by Rasmus Broms 


Previous events

You can find details of our events, and access links to resources here.


Contact Us

Cathy Elliott

Role: Co-convenor (Education Focused Careers)
Institution: UCL

Adrian Millican

Role: Co-convenor (Teaching Quantitative Methods)
Institution: Durham University

Victoria Honeyman

Role: Co-convenor 
University of Leeds

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