10 September 2021


Hello there.



We’re creating a new network for all things technology, politics, policy and more. And it’s about time we introduce ourselves.


We’re the new Technology, Internet, and Policy (TIP) specialist group within the Political Studies Association, and we’re on a mission to build a network of academics AND practitioners to engage in the debates surrounding the impact of tech and surrounding policy to our society.


And we’re doing things a little bit differently. 


So we’re not going to talk just about research, but we plan to offer a full range of genuine and accessible dialogues to external communities, be that collaborative readings, network created resources, webinars and practitioner opportunities, and of course, conferences. This is with the wider goal of promoting engagement in policy debates and discourse which may impact policy, in particular by facilitating the exchange of ideas between academia and practitioners from various fields.




Why Now?

Digital media isn’t new, and a group with a title like ours could have been set up years ago. But there’s a number of concurrent debates and challenges, which we feel can only be answered through the combined efforts of policy experts, tech practitioners, and research. The surrounding policy debates on subjects such as platform regulation, or the datafication of society have impacts far outside of technology but on wider politics and society too. These current debates need a more cohesive and informed network to respond to these issues – which is why now is the time to join.



Who is it run by?

The network is run by a committee of academic researchers and policy officials within the tech sector. You can find a full list on our about page here: /specialist-groups/technology-internet-and-policy-tip


The running of the group will also be informed by our advisory group, which we are currently setting up. This group will consist of relevant industry and policy partners who help shape the direction of the group. If you are interested in joining our advisory group then please get in touch.



If you want to take part and help the network grow, here’s how:

If you’re an academic, policy professional, researcher, journalist, work within the tech sector, or simply an interested in the impact technology or tech policy has on society, you can join the network today.

And even better, membership is free.



Here’s the steps you can take to join and share the network:

  • Join our mailing list and the network through the Political Studies Website here: /join-specialist-group?cid2=43351,
    We will use the email provided to keep you updated on our events and more. 

  • Follow us on Twitter on our brand new account here: @psa_TIP

  • Share the news! If you know anyone else who would be interested in the group please let them know, and make sure you share our launch message on Twitter.

  • Keep an eye out for our CFP for the 2022 PSA Annual Conference!


We really look forward to engaging with you going on in the future as we create a welcoming, and inclusive network to discuss all things technology, internet, and policy!