Announcing the PSA Teaching and Learning Network's Webinar Series 

The PSA Teaching and Learning Network is pleased to announce a webinar series on teaching politics online, delivered by expert political studies academics for PSA members.

Most universities have had to move their teaching offer online due to the current coronavirus pandemic. This has led to challenges such as getting to grips with technology, understanding online pedagogy, and creating an academic community at a distance, as well as opportunities such as the chance to do things differently, build on best practice, and reach students asynchronously.

Now the immediate crisis-response phase has passed, it is a good time to reflect on best practice in teaching online. It is possible that many of us will do more online teaching in the future, either in response to the pandemic or because teaching and learning models and student needs change.

Each session lasts one hour, from 3-4pm, via Zoom. You can sign up for all of them or just the ones that interest you!


The following sessions are open for registration

We hope to update this page with more sessions soon.

The following webinars are available to view


If you have any questions or trouble registering please contact