The PSA Young People’s Politics specialist group addresses various questions within contemporary and historical contexts related to young people’s political participation, such as:

  • What does ‘politics’ and political participation mean to young people?
  • How and why do young people choose to participate (or not) in politics and democracy?
  • How can young people be encouraged to participate more widely (and deeply) in various forms of civic and political engagement, including electoral and non-electoral forms of political participation?
  • How is the landscape of young people’s citizenship and political participation evolving?
  • Why is young people’s political participation important?

Members of the YPP specialist group engage with key issues, such as:

citizenship, citizenship education, political socialisation, Votes at 16, electoral participation, political generations, non-electoral participation, Do-It-Ourselves politics, protest, engagement, generational replacement, representation, precarity and politics, intergenerational inequalities.

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The Young People's Politics SG is (co)organising 7 panels for the PSA 2020 conference in Edinburgh, Monday-Wednesday 6-8 April 2020.

To read panels calls:

1) Go to GROUP NEWS below, click on  Young People's Politics 7 panels PSA Edinburgh 2020 calls for papers and scroll through to read each of the 7 panel calls, or

2) Go to DOWNLOADS at the foot of this web page for pdf file version.

Panel 1:

Young people, values and political participation

Panel 2:

Young people’s politics and methods

Panel 3:

Young people’s politics open panel

Joint Panel 4:

Young people, elections, public opinion and parties

Joint Panel 5:   

Young people and environmental politics: reformists, radicals and revolutionaries

Joint Panel 6:

Young people, politics, race, migration and intersectionality

Joint Panel 7:   

Young women and politics

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Ben Bowman

Role: Convenor
Institution: Manchester Metropolitan University

Sarah Pickard

Role: Convenor
Institution: Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3

Emily Rainsford

Role: Convenor
Institution: Newcastle University

Katherine Smith

Role: Convenor
University of Sheffield

James Weinberg

Role: Convenor
University of Sheffield

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