The PSA Left Radicalism Group was set up in 2012 under the name Communsim Group to promote the study of communist movements, systems, and ideas and facilitate scholarly exchanges across both national and disciplinary boundaries. Its first annual conference was held in September 2012 and it has also organised occasional seminars as well as panels at the PSA Annual Conference. In 2020, the Group was renamed Left Radicalism, to reflect its expanded its scope to the wider spectrum of radical left politics, both contemporary and historical. It thus aims overall to contribute to the study and discussion of left radicalism, including but also going beyond the traditional communist milieus. As the Left as a historical movement has existed with an equal force both in the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary spheres, the Group is committed to the broadest conceptualisation of radical politics, which ultimately unites the study of political parties, social movements, trade unions and all other individual and collective entities which espouse root and branch change of capitalism. The Group maintains a blog providing news of current events, publications, and work in progress and a register of members and their research interests. The Group's activities (and those of its members), as well as other relevant news about left radicalism in everyday politics across the world and within academia, are also posted and discussed in the Facebook group, The Left Blog, which the convenors co-administer. The Group also supports the journal Twentieth Century Communism to which PSA members can subscribe at a reduced rateMembership of the group and attendance at its events is open to all and there is no charge or subscription fee to PSA members.  

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Contact Us

Giorgos Charalambous

Role: Convenor
Institution:  University of Nicosia

Dan Keith

Role: Convenor
Institution: University of York

Petar Bankov

Role: Communications Officer
Institution: University of Glasgow


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